Cuong Long Construction - Trade JSC has been built in 2004 at Ho Chi Minh City, specialize in designing, manufacturing, erecting, constructing pre-engineered steel building and accessories in industrial -commercial projects and civilian constructions

lich su hinh thanh

The Staff of the experienced Engineers and skilled Workers in company with effective QA-QC System, We are proud of providing our perfect service of Pre- Engineered Building and accessories to satisfy our owner.

Building complex of factory and storage at Nguyen Van Kha Street, Cay Sop Hamlet, Cu Chi District, Ho Chi Minh City together with equipments and facilities are going to  hasten the developing progress of Cuong Long.

To clients, we appreciate the Prestige - Quality. Almost Clients recommend our services to their friends or use our services more

To staff, we are interested in their interest. Almost staff are devoted to our organization.

To partner, Cuong Long represent the Prestigious and reliable organization in business

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XUONG 2000-1 Xuong II
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XUONG1400 xuong 2-2
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